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Italian company founded in 1949, Tecnodidattica Spa has chosen to specialize in the production of geographic globes. First European manufacturer for the education sector and home decoration market, Tecnodidattica exports globes in more than 70 countries spread over five continents. Thanks to investments in technological research, the company has contributed to the modernization of the productive globes that from a semi-craft paper material is passed to an industrial scale of plastic material. One of the peculiarities of these globes consists in the accuracy of the grid of parallels and meridians, whose angles of intersection must always remain at 90 degrees, thus avoiding the unpleasant the "puzzle" drawback.

The production, entirely Italian, is made in compliance with the European directives on product safety and the legal provisions of the country in which they are marketed. Compliance audits are carried out exclusively at accredited laboratories. Furthermore, the quality is guaranteed and certified annually by the prestigious labels TUV-GS and UL for the United States. Production sites are subjected to periodic surveillance, through audits carried out by inspectors of TUV-SUD and UL.

TECNODIDATTICA S.p.A. has four brands with a wide choice of globes in various sizes, from Ø 11cm to Ø 128cm. Political and geographic data are continuously updated and map text is translated in more than 30 languages including Japanese, Thai, Korean, Russian, Arabic, Gaelic and Swahili.

Each brand has got a different personality and target :

  • TECNODIDATTICA is dedicated to the stationery, toys and educational segment of supermarkets
  • NOVA RICO is dedicated to the traditional stationery, gift and home decoration market;
  • ATMOSPHERE CLASSIC is dedicated to the high quality stationery, educational and gift market;
  • ATMOSPHERE NEW WORLD is dedicated to the innovative gift market and home design decoration, represented by a collection of stylish and contemporary globes designed by talented designers.


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